Update From Vater Artist Tony Hajjar

Artist Update: Tony Hajjar (Sparta/At The Drive In)

After 11 years of continuous touring with At the Drive-In and Sparta what does a musician do for his sanity when he decides to take a break from the road? Well, that is up for some discussion.

Tony Hajjar decided to breathe for a second and start meeting with friends and feel out his options. Hisdream was always to compose for the movies in some kind of fashion. After a few months he got his chance and started composing with an acquaintance that had started a company called Sencit Music that worked on music for movie advertisement.

"Writing music for movie trailers is an interesting monster. Said Tony. Arrangements are set and where you can find your vision is within that arrangement."

"When you are working on music with a band you have carte blanche with anything within that idea. Adjusting to the world of movies took me some time, but i found my way of fulfilling all my passions within trailers."

"The only thing I really missed was working along side somebody because that is what I loved about bands. I was lucky enough to work with a person (Mike Zarin) that knew the business and how to write a cue. So I got a crash course and it has been really exciting to become better at this type of expression."

Tony Hajjar still finds time to play drums with projects and is starting to miss the road, but is really deep rooted in the studio and pushing himself to play other instruments and become a better composer.

"When I told Vater that I was taking a break from the band life and trying something else they were immediately supportive and sent me so many types of sticks and mallets that allowed me to come up with different ideas that helped shape many of the cues. I thank them so much for that support."

You can hear Tony Hajjar's music in movie trailers such as Iron Man, Robin Hood, The Town, The Expendables, Salt, Machete, and Inception to name a few.

Tony is also hard at work on an electronic project that will incorporate a different singer for every track.




Posted by Chad on Monday, February 28, 2011 8:13 PM

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