Brittany Harrell In the Studio

Brittany Harrell of Veara checked in with us from the studio where she's finished tracking drums for Veara's upcoming release:

"I just wanted to give everyone out there an update on recording the new Veara record! First off, everything is sounding absolutely AMAZING!!! I can't tell you enough how sick this record is going to be. Working with Dan Korneff has been un-real. He's a great dude and a super solid producer. We're doing things on this record that I could have never dreamed of!

We recorded the drums in a big empty warehouse next door to the studio. We set up room mics, as well as the mics on the kit, in various parts of the warehouse to get that all natural reverb. The drums sound friggin' HUGE!! The drum set I recorded on was an old Tama w/ a Pearl Vinnie Paul sig snare and we used my SJC floor tom. I used all my hardware and cymbals. And of course I rocked out with my Vater Universal model sticks!

We would pre-pro a song in a room with the whole band and Dan then we'd immediately go to the big warehouse where the drums were set up and track it. That way the song would be fresh in my mind with the new arrangements, fills, etc. We did this for about a week and half. I'd usually get two songs done a day depending on how well pre-pro went. I was playing drums for 14hrs a day for that whole week and half. My sticks held up so awesome! That's why Vater is the best, haha. I can bang the living crap out the drums for 14hrs a day and my Vaters take the abuse great!



So we're nearing the end of recording now. We have all the basics done pretty much. Now were onto reviewing the songs and figuring out what else the songs need. Adding in extra vocals/harmonies, guitars, percussion, gang vox, etc.

The new record will be our 2nd release out on Epitaph Records! It's expected to drop the beginning of next year. Be sure to check back with Veara on all of our social networking sites for updates on the new record, tour dates, etc. This record is going to be amazing and I can't wait for y'all to get to hear it!"

-Brittany Harrell [Veara]



Posted by Chad on Thursday, August 23, 2012 10:10 AM

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