NAMM 2013

The 2013 NAMM Show was another successful one for Vater! At the show, the New 5A Stretch, 7A Stretch, Whip Brush and Splashstick Rock were all officially introduced. The booth was packed all 4 days of the show with people coming by to check out the entire Vater Product line, picking up a copy the new 2013 catalog and checking out the new stick offerings. TONS of Vater Artists came by to show their love and support and to fill us in on what they have coming up in the new year. Our after show adventures were filled with hanging with friends and Vater Artists and catching some of the live performances that included some by Vater Artists Jen Lowe (who fronted her own band) Chris Dave and Drumheadz at the Sabain Live Party and much more. 


3 Part video series of our footage from the NAMM Show 2013 Floor 




Here's some pictures of some of the action at the Vater booth! 


New 5A Stretch and 7A Stretch making their debut on the booth wall!  


Mike Byrne [Smashing Pumpkins] meets Chris Dave [D'Angelo/Maxwell]  
Cyrus Bolooki [New Found Glory]  
  Brann Dailor [Mastodon] always excited to see his Vater 5B's!
Benny Cancino, Andrew Cook [A Rocket to the Moon], Aaron Montgomery [Trapt] and
Ryan Carman [Rocco Deluca and the Burden]  
  2 thumbs up from Mike Byrne [Smashing Pumpkins] and Brad Davis [Adventure Drums]
All visiting the Vater Booth at the same time were, Left to right: Jacqueline Cassell,
Jessica Goodwin [Diamonds Under Fire], Brad Davis [Adventure Drums] Dusty Watson [Dick Dale],
Branden Steineckert [Rancid], Cyrus Bolooki [New Found Glory], Jay Weinberg, 
Christian Poezach [Cirque du Soleil-Alegria], Eric Leiderman [Pearl Aday],
Kate Shellenbach [Luscious Jackson] and Didi Negron [Cirque du Soleil-Amaluna]
  Chaun Horton and Quinton Robinson catch up
  Didi Negron of Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna Show
  Evan Stone, John Cowsill [The Beach Boys], Xavier Muriel [Buckcherry], Erick Slick [Dr. Dog],
Nate Walker [Lit] and Ed Udhus [Zebrahead] 
  Jessica Goodwin [Diamonds Under Fire] with her Vater 5B's!
  Graham Hawthorne [David Byrne]
  Ilan Rubin [Paramore]
  Jen Lowe, Jeffrey Jones, Nick Oshiro [Blue Man Group] and Paul Bostaph
  Jeremy Stacey [Noel Galllagher's Flying Birds/Tom Jones]
  Kofi Baker, Jay Weinberg and Rancid's Branden Steineckert
Chris Korzin and Phil Ehart [Kansas]  
Mike Fuentes of Pierce The Veil  
Who's more shocked to be with the other one???  Mike Johnston [
with Brad Davis [Adventure Drums]
Mike Johnston [] with Serge Lysak [The Drum Lab]  
Miles McPherson [Kelly Clarkson, Isaias Gil and Sammy Balfour jacked with excitement!  
  Mona Tavakoli [Jason Mraz], Greg Clark Jr., Quinton Robinson and Manny Dominick
  Scott Pellegrom
  Scott Travis of Judas Priest
  Kate Shellenbach [Luscious Jackson]
  Sinbad and Fred Dinkins
Smitty Smith and Gorden Campbell 

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When You've Found The Right Stick, It Really Hits You: New Ad

Readers of Modern Drummer Magazine or Drum! Magazine, have been seeing a brand new Vater Ad that features Mike Johnston. The new ad entitled: "When You've Found The Right Stick, It Really Hits You!" has been gettting a lot of attention and creating quite a buzz already! The most heard comment is: "Is that picture REAL!?" And the answer is: YES! The ad is pictured below and there is also a brief video with great info and footage on how photographer Sasha Leahovcenco capured the shot that you see in the ad. 

Here's a bit about the ad from Mike:

"So about 2 months ago I did a shoot for a new VATER Drumsticks ad at this scary abandoned sugar mill. It was definitely the scariest location I had ever been on, lol. My photographer, Sasha Leahovcenco, had this idea that he wanted tons of sticks just floating around me and flying right at my face, and me looking as non frightened as possible right before they all hit me, lol. The concept of the ad was to show every model of stick that VATER makes flying in the air and for me to be holding my signature sticks. We wanted to show that with the huge variety of sticks that VATER makes, there is one model that is just right for you. In my case it's the 2-4-5-1's but I want everyone to find their "perfect stick". Sasha is very big on doing shots that look fully Photoshopped, but doing them for real. Here is the shot. Hope you like it! " -Mike Johnston


Behind the Scenes Video:




Educator Mike Johnston's 2451 Model is a great all-around design that can be used in any musical style. It has a grip size between a 5A and 5B with a gradual taper to a barrel tip for ride cymbal definition. The gradual taper gives the model a fantastic and quick feel around the kit.
The 2451 model is available in both Hickory and Sugar Maple. The Sugar Maple version is perfect for lower volume and lesson room type settings, while the Hickory version is the right choice for live and harder hitting performance settings.


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2012 Drummie Awards

Once again, there's plenty of Vater presence in DRUM! Magazine's Annual Drummie Readers Poll Awards!







Runner Up: Vater Nisan Steart Model
Drummer of the Year
Runner up: Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Rising Star
Ruunners Up:
Chris Dave (D'Angelo/Maxwell/Robert Glasper Expirement), Mike Johnston ( and Luke Holland
Runner Up: Virgil Donati (Alan Holdsworth)
Runners Up: Brann Dailor (Mastodon) and Matt Byrne (Hatebreed)
Runners Up: Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Cora Coleman-Dunham (Beyonce/Prince)
Winner: Shannon Leto (Thirty Seconds to Mars)
Runner Up: Jay Lane (Primus)
Runner Up:
Chris Dave (D'Angelo/Maxwell/Robert Glasper Expirement)
Runner Up: Chris Layton (Kenny Wayne Shephard/Stevie Ray Vaughn)
Chris Dave (D'Angelo/Maxwell/Robert Glasper Expirement)
Winner: Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts)
Runner Up: Chris McHugh (Keith Urban/Nashville Session Artist)
Runner Up: Mike Johnston (
Studio Drummer/Drummer for Hire
Runner Up: Nisan Stewart (Jay Z/Diddy/Jamie Fox)
Runner Up: Richie Gajate Garcia
Rising Star
Runner Up: Roland Gajate Garcia
Live Performer
Winner: Karl Perazzo (Santana)
Runner Up: Andy Farag (Umphreys McGee)
Runner Up: Andy Farag (Umphreys McGee)
Winner: Raul Rekow/Karl Perazzo (Santana)
Educational Web Site


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16 New Vater Products for 2012!


You’ll definitely want to add these to your stick bag! The StickMate Tambourine and Shaker models slide right on to your stick, brushes and mallets to give you added sound effects while playing, They’re made of lightweight polymer and the low profile won’t interfere with your playing. There’s a cut out in the handle for your thumb to rest in and contact the stick. You can easily put it on and take it off, or tape it on to the grip for extended usage. Patent Pending. StickMate Shaker: VSMS /  StickMate Tambourine: VSMT



Fusion Acorn VHFAW

  A new tip on an iconic stick...The Fusion Acorn is the same design as the classic Vater Fusion but with an acorn tip for a warmer cymbal and drum tone.  

L 16"   40.64 cm

D .580"   1.47 cm


BeBop Series

The new BeBop series are smaller grip sized models that are perfect for lower volume or Jazz settings. All three models feature the same profile and tip. The 500 and 525 models come in under a 7A in the grip. The quick taper produces a fast rebound with a small tip size for a clean ride cymbal tone. All three models available in Hickory and Maple. Maple will offer even more of a lighter touch and slightly warmer cymbal tone.

BeBop 500 Hickory: VHBB500 / Maple: VSMBB500

L 16" 40.64cm

D .500" 1.27cm


BeBop 525 Hickory: VHBB525 / Maple: VSMBB525

L 16" 40.64cm

D .525" 1.33cm


BeBop 550  Hickory: VHBB550 / Maple: VSMBB550

L 16" 40.64cm

D .550" 1.39cm



Sugar Maple Phat Ride VSMPTRW

Vater’s popular Phat Ride model is now offered in a Sugar Maple version. Same dimensions as the Hickory model, but made from Sugar Maple for a lighter weight and softer touch. Quick taper to a medium-sized round tip produces a clean sound on ride cymbals. A very versatile stick.


L 16"  40.64cm

D .580"  1.47cm



Two New Sizzle Mallets

 Sizzle Fusion VSZLF

The classic Fusion, with a hard felt mallet head on the end. The smaller mallet head design won't interfere with your grip or playing. Round stick tip for bright cymbal tones.

Sizzle Fusion Acorn VSZLFA

Fusion Acorn model stick with a hard felt mallet head on the end. The smaller mallet head design won't intefere with your grip or playing. Acorn stick tip shape for a warmed and broad cymbal sound.


 Splashstick Models Get a New Edge

Vater has updated all Splashstick models to now feature angled edges on the dowel ends for a better feel, rebound and fuller sound.



New Rubber Xylo and Bell Mallets

Designed for indoor, out-door, or concert settings. The shape of the mallet head is designed for optimum sound throughout the overtone series.All feature Rattan Handles.



The soft creates a warm sound that is great for ambiance or soft passages in the music. A great mallet to use in legato passages, allowing the mallets to blend with the rest of the ensemble. It allows the tone of the instrument to speak without being lost. It is a great way to add the sound without the strong attack.


The medium mallet creates a full sound and is a great blend of attack and tone. The length of the mallet allows you to have the versatility to choke up or to hold the mallets further back for more leverage 


The hard mallets offer a clear and full sound with strong attack to the instrument without the sound sticking out of the blend of the ensemble.



Multi Tenor Mallet: MV-T2XL


Large 1 ½" lexan disk. The larger hard disk allows the mallet to rebound from drum head to drum head quickly without contacting the rims. Great for articulating scrapes, sweeps and windmills.





All of these New Products will make their debut at the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA on January 19, 2012 but you can start requesting them at your local store today! If you're attending the NAMM Show, please visit the Vater Percusion Booth in Hall D #3076

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Video-Chris McHugh (Keith Urban/Nashville Session Artist)

Vater Artist Chris McHugh is one of the busiest guys in the drum business! In between laying down rock solid tracks for artists like Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, and countless others, he's playing to sold out arenas around the world with Keith Urban.

Vater's Chad Brandolini (Director of Artist Relations) and crew caught up with Chris at a recent Keith Urban show in Boston, MA. Chris sat down with Vater to talk about his start in drumming, the concept behind his new Vater Chris McHugh model, influences, career advice and much more.

Chris McHugh Model

 L 16 1/4" · 41.28cm

D .645" · 1.64cmVHCMW

Chris' model comes in at just over a 2B in the grip with a quick taper for a solid feel. The Chris McHugh model is a great playing stick for rock solid pocket playing as well as heavy hitting rock players.

You can buy the Vater Chris McHugh model Here, or by requesting it at your local store today!

For more info on Chris, please visit

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Vater Video- Rikki Rockett (Poison)

We recently had the time to catch up with Vater Artist and Poison drummer Rikki Rockett while he was on tour. We took the opportunity to chat with Rikki on camera about his Vater Rikki Rockett Bottle Rockett design, why he thinks Posion has remained relevant after 25 years and 40+ million albums sold, how he started playing drums, and more. Check it out.....

"Stick choice should be every drummers first decision. Sticks are the liaison between you and your creative expression on the drums. Getting there the smoothest way is the reason I'm using Vater."  - Rikki Rockett

Click here to Buy Rikki Rockett's Bottle Rockett Now!


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Video-Chronicles of Cora Coleman-Dunham

Signature Vater Drumstick Artist Cora Coleman-Dunham sent us this mini-documentary video that gives a rare and unique look into her world performing with Beyonce and Prince. Enjoy!



Vater Queen Cora Coleman-Dunham Model 
This design is as versatile as Cora herself! Performing with artists like Prince and Beyonce, Cora needed a stick that could cover all genres of music without changing models. Cora’s design combines a little extra length and a gradual taper to an acorn tip to offer superb response, feel and dynamics in any musical application.

L 16 1/2" D .530"
L 41.91cm D 1.36cm

Ask for them at your local store today, or

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New Product Demo Videos

Here is a series of videos to give you helpful information on some of Vater products that you just can't get by reading a product description in a catalog. We'll be filming many more, so stay tuned!


Mike Johnston demonstrates how different tip shapes and sizes have an effect on how your cymbals sound. He also shows the sound difference between wood tip and nylon tip.

Jen Lowe demo's the New Vater Cajon Brush and also the Wire Tap Retractable Brush on the Cajon.

Vater Slick Nut Cymbal Fastener Artist Mike Mangini (Dream Theater) shows how he uses the Slick Nut and Slick Nut Skull in his set up and also while he adjusts them when actually performing live. (Please Note: Mike Mangini is not a Vater Drumstick Artist)

Jen Lowe demo's the 12" Split Surface Pad from Vater's Chop Builder Practice Pad line.

In this video, Jimmy Pemberton gives you the skinny on Vater's Earplugs. An important must have for any musician!

Steve Fidyk shows off his Vater Swing model sticks in both wood tip and nylon tip.

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Modern Drummer Review

Check out the review of some of Vater's new models in the May 2011 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine on page 24. Modern Drummer reviewed the new Mike Johnston 2451, Chris Pennie, Chris McHugh, Big Mike Clemons, and Cora Coleman-Dunham Vater Player's Design models. Also reviewed is the Swing, Bamboo Splashstick and Bambooo Splashstick Slim models.




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NAMM day 3


Saturday at NAMM was the busiest day yet. Tons of artists and fans swinging by to say hi, check out the new models, and chat sticks with us.


Mike Mitchell 
 Mike Clemons and Spanky greet some fans.
The booth was bustling when we had Spanky, Brian Frasier-Moore, Mike Johnston, and Chris Pennie all together for a signing. 
Chad Brandolini (Vater A&R) and Robin Diaz (Daughtry)

Dave Buckner, Chad Cunningham (Vater) and Allan Pahanish Jr. 

Scott Travis (Judas Priest) dropped in to check out who was on the cover of the new catalog
John Cowsill (the Beach Boys)
Alan Vater and Virgil Donati
Chris McHugh (Keith Urban) came by to check out his new signature stick we debuted at NAMM! 
Aaron Montgomery (Trapt) and Brian Tichy (Whitesnake) had a friendly discussion about the Patriots/Jets/whatever. 
Later, we had Mika Fineo (Filter) and Brian Tichy do a signing too!
Hannah Ford
Pete Merriweather, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, and Ken Murphy!
Atom Willard (Angels And Airwaves) and Vater's Chad Brandolini
Kofi Baker
Xavier Muriel (Buckcherry), Jay Lane (Primus), Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert), Garin Rosen (Arsonists Get All The Girls)
Didi Negron!
Cora Coleman-Dunham with her signature sticks and sweet shades.
NAMM 2011 was one for the books.  We had a killer time meeting everyone and talking about our new products for this year, and catching up with all of the members of the Vater artist family.
Keep it rock!

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