Video Feature-Dick DiCenso

For Dick DiCenso's 70th Birthday this past August, fellow Vater Artist Jimmy Pemberton (Kiley Evans/Educator) sat down with him to film this 2 part video interview. Jimmy had Dick chat about what got him into playing drums as a young kid, touring, opening DiCenso's Drum Shop and why after all these years, his real passion with drums is with his being an Educator.

Dick DiCenso has been a long time friend of the Vater Family. In fact, Dick had great influence on the launching of the Vater brand in 1991 and also helped design the Vater Super Jazz Model .

Part 1:

Part 2:

 A few words from Alan Vater on Dick DiCenso:

I first met Dick 30 years ago while he was Managing Director at Harris Fandel Music Company. Dick was a very close friend of my Father Clarry, and my Dad cherished this friendship. If my Dad were around today, he would be very honored to share in the Happy Birthday wishes for Dick! 

It was on that day, when I met Dick for the first time, that he and my Dad were discussing the prospects of Harris Fandel purchasing the drumsticks that my Dad and my brother Ron were making downstairs in my Dad’s Drum Shop in Norwood Massachusetts.

Dick was instrumental in providing expert advice to my Dad in those early days when my Family resumed the art of making drumsticks. That art had been passed on from my Grandfather Jack Adams (of Jack's Drum Shop in Boston, MA) and my Godfather Fred Michele. Dick's guidance, friendship and generosity are greatly appreciated as we look back on those early times of Vater Percussion.

I also can clearly remember the day that Dick paid us a visit, to our then new factory, in Weymouth Mass and asked us to produce Private Label Drumsticks under the name “ChopStix” for his new store, DiCenso’s Drum Shop, that he was opening in Quincy. It's apparent today that Dick's decision to open his own drum shop was the right one, as it continues to thrive today.

There is alot of history between the Vater and DiCenso families. I have come to know and respect not only Dick but also his son Dave who is one of today's greatest drumming talents. Personally there are a select few people that I looked to with the passing of my Father in 1998. Dick is one of those people whose words and presence continue to bring me comfort and reassurance.

From myself and the entire Vater Family, we wish you a very Happy 70th Birthday!     -Alan Vater


Alan Vater and Dick DiCenso
Purchase Dick DiCenso's book, A Practical Workbook for the Modern Drummer, by clicking the image below:


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Video-Chris McHugh (Keith Urban/Nashville Session Artist)

Vater Artist Chris McHugh is one of the busiest guys in the drum business! In between laying down rock solid tracks for artists like Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, and countless others, he's playing to sold out arenas around the world with Keith Urban.

Vater's Chad Brandolini (Director of Artist Relations) and crew caught up with Chris at a recent Keith Urban show in Boston, MA. Chris sat down with Vater to talk about his start in drumming, the concept behind his new Vater Chris McHugh model, influences, career advice and much more.

Chris McHugh Model

 L 16 1/4" · 41.28cm

D .645" · 1.64cmVHCMW

Chris' model comes in at just over a 2B in the grip with a quick taper for a solid feel. The Chris McHugh model is a great playing stick for rock solid pocket playing as well as heavy hitting rock players.

You can buy the Vater Chris McHugh model Here, or by requesting it at your local store today!

For more info on Chris, please visit

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Vater Video- Rikki Rockett (Poison)

We recently had the time to catch up with Vater Artist and Poison drummer Rikki Rockett while he was on tour. We took the opportunity to chat with Rikki on camera about his Vater Rikki Rockett Bottle Rockett design, why he thinks Posion has remained relevant after 25 years and 40+ million albums sold, how he started playing drums, and more. Check it out.....

"Stick choice should be every drummers first decision. Sticks are the liaison between you and your creative expression on the drums. Getting there the smoothest way is the reason I'm using Vater."  - Rikki Rockett

Click here to Buy Rikki Rockett's Bottle Rockett Now!


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Video-Chronicles of Cora Coleman-Dunham

Signature Vater Drumstick Artist Cora Coleman-Dunham sent us this mini-documentary video that gives a rare and unique look into her world performing with Beyonce and Prince. Enjoy!



Vater Queen Cora Coleman-Dunham Model 
This design is as versatile as Cora herself! Performing with artists like Prince and Beyonce, Cora needed a stick that could cover all genres of music without changing models. Cora’s design combines a little extra length and a gradual taper to an acorn tip to offer superb response, feel and dynamics in any musical application.

L 16 1/2" D .530"
L 41.91cm D 1.36cm

Ask for them at your local store today, or

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Kim Thompson visits Vater Factory

Vater Artist Kim Thompson (Mike Stern/Beyonce) recently had the time to visit Vater’s Factory in Massachusetts for the first time. Kim got to see every step of Vater’s production process first hand, including seeing the Vater 7A Wood (her stick of choice) being turned on a lathe.



“Visiting the Vater factory was one of the most incredible experiences!” Commented Kim Thompson.  "To see all the ground that transpires for one single stick was astounding and really added a height of inspiration to the overall visit. I definitely would do it again and I might even have get my hands dirty on the next visit. Thanks Vater!”


Check out Kim's Vater Artist Spotlight video here:


During her stay in Boston, Kim also appeared for a clinic with DiCenso’s Drum Shop, in Weymouth, MA. Kim opened the clinic sharing details about her musical journey from the time she was a kid up to her current projects. The clinic was then more-so directed towards the spiritual and emotional side to performing music and drumming.



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7 New Artist Spotlight Videos

We've been working hard on shooting and editing videos of Vater Artists to give you an up-close and in-depth look at these artists, their backgrounds, influences, careers, their advice, what Vater models they prefer and more. Here's a few more to check out. For the most up to date list, please visit Vater's Media Page or the Vater You Tube Channel

Shannon Leto (30 Seconds to Mars)

Jen Lowe

Felix Pollard (House of Pain/Lionel Richie/Independent)

Kendrick Scott (Terence Blanchard/Independent)

Xavier Muriel (Buckcherry)

Larone "Skeeter" McMillian

Jeremy Spencer (Five Finger Death Punch)

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4 New Vater Artist Videos!

We've posted some new Vater Artist video Spotlights for you to check out! Here's 4 of the latest. To check out our full list of videos, hit the MEDIA page above or go to

Brian Frasier-Moore (Janet Jackson/Madonna/Christina Aguilera)

Chris Layton (Stevie Ray Vaughn/Independent)

Joe Nunez (Soulfly)

Otis Brown III (Joe Lovano/Esperanza Spaulding)

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New Chris Dave Video Spotlight

Check out the Vater Artist Video Spotlight on Chris "Daddy" Dave.




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Update From Vater Artist Tony Hajjar

Artist Update: Tony Hajjar (Sparta/At The Drive In)

After 11 years of continuous touring with At the Drive-In and Sparta what does a musician do for his sanity when he decides to take a break from the road? Well, that is up for some discussion.

Tony Hajjar decided to breathe for a second and start meeting with friends and feel out his options. Hisdream was always to compose for the movies in some kind of fashion. After a few months he got his chance and started composing with an acquaintance that had started a company called Sencit Music that worked on music for movie advertisement.

"Writing music for movie trailers is an interesting monster. Said Tony. Arrangements are set and where you can find your vision is within that arrangement."

"When you are working on music with a band you have carte blanche with anything within that idea. Adjusting to the world of movies took me some time, but i found my way of fulfilling all my passions within trailers."

"The only thing I really missed was working along side somebody because that is what I loved about bands. I was lucky enough to work with a person (Mike Zarin) that knew the business and how to write a cue. So I got a crash course and it has been really exciting to become better at this type of expression."

Tony Hajjar still finds time to play drums with projects and is starting to miss the road, but is really deep rooted in the studio and pushing himself to play other instruments and become a better composer.

"When I told Vater that I was taking a break from the band life and trying something else they were immediately supportive and sent me so many types of sticks and mallets that allowed me to come up with different ideas that helped shape many of the cues. I thank them so much for that support."

You can hear Tony Hajjar's music in movie trailers such as Iron Man, Robin Hood, The Town, The Expendables, Salt, Machete, and Inception to name a few.

Tony is also hard at work on an electronic project that will incorporate a different singer for every track.



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New Artist Videos

We have been slammed here with editing tons of Vater Artist video features. These Vater Artists have been giving us some really great personal insight into their careers, musical backgrounds, influences, advice and so much more.

Below are some of the most recent features that we have posted. Keep checking back for more to come soon!

Part 1 of 2. Matt Abts (Gov't Mule)

Part 2 of 2. Matt Abts (Gov't Mule)

Part 1 of 2. Morgan Rose (Sevendust)

Part 2 of 2. Morgan Rose (Sevendust)

Part 1 of 2. Chris Johnson (Rihanna)

Part 2 of 2. Chris Johnson (Rihanna)

Will Hunt (Black Label Society/Evanescence)

Part 1 of 2. John Cowsill (The Beach Boys)

Part 2 of 2. John Cowsill (The Beach Boys)

Jeremy Colson (Billy Idol/Steve Vai)

To check out more Vater Artist Video features, Video Lessons and more, go to Vater's You Tube Channel:

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