Vater Artists in Drummies 2014

Once again, we are honored to see so many Vater Artists place in DRUM! Magazine's 2014 "Drummie" Awards. Vater Artists who placed in this year's Readers Poll are:

Adam Deitch [Runner-up: Funk Drummer]

Chad Smith [Winner: Rock/Pop Drummer]

Derek Roddy [Winner: Extreme Metal Drummer]

Gorden Campbell [Runner-up: Gospel Drummer]

Hannah Ford [Winner: Rising Star]

Jim Riley [Winner: Country Drummer]

Josh Freese [Runner-up: Drummer of the Year]

Karl Perazzo [Runner-up: Latin Percussionist, Runner-up: Percussion Clinician]

Kendrick Scott [Runner-up: Jazz Drummer]

Mauro Refosco [Runner-up: Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop Percussionist]

Mike Johnston [Runner-up: Drum Set Clinician]

Richie Gajate-Garcia [Runner-up: Percussion Clinician]

Roland Gajate-Garcia [Runner-up: Percussion Clinician]

Scott Pellegrom [Runner-up: Rising Star] 

Sean Kinney  [Runner-up: Alternative Rock Drummer]

Tim Alexander [Runner-up: Altternative Rock Drummer] 

Mike Mangini (Vater Slick Nut Cymbal Fastener Artist) [Runner-up Drummer of the Year, Runner-up: Progressive Rock Drummer] 


Congrats to all! 



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Posted by blogadmin on Monday, July 28, 2014 1:20 PM
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