Kenny Do It AGAIN?

Vater Artist Kenny Livingston (Sugarcult/Good Man Down) is looking to embark on his 2nd Kenny Do It journey this summer, pedaling his beach cruiser accross the United States to deliver a message that is very important to him. Here is the info from Kenny as taken from his Kickstarter page:

My name is Kenny Livingston. At age 45 I can honestly say I have had the great fortune of realizing most of my childhood dreams. As a musician I’ve sold over a million records worldwide, been nominated for a Grammy Award and have traveled the globe many times over. Call it good fortune. Call it tireless pursuit. Chasing down and achieving what most write off as unachievable is a challenge that I have always embraced.

In 2010 I set down my drumsticks to begin work on what I consider to be my greatest undertaking. On July 24th, of that year, I began pedaling a simple beach cruiser bicycle across America to inspire my fellow Americans, through the power of example, in making a commitment to change the way we approach our personal health, nutrition and lifestyle choices. The 76 day (3,600 mile) journey was aptly named “Kenny Do It?” There was no real budget. There was no formal training. It was all fueled by heart and soul. A new path was set. A new chapter begun and a new challenge awaited…

So WHAT… people bike across America all the time…. While this is certainly true, most merely do it to prove to themselves that they can. That wasn’t my mission. Not even close…I did it in front of you and documented it several times daily to show to YOU that YOU can do it. All the while atop a $400 beach cruiser in surf trunks and a t-shirt. It was the common mans journey and an odd yet powerful visual metaphor to drive home the idea that change takes time and commitment. We all have the inner strength to affect change in a big way and while we may not all be Lance Armstrong, we all have our own personal Everest’s out there waiting. That is how Kenny Do It began. Then…it quickly evolved into much more…


Kenny Do It 2010 Route 


THE GROUNDWORK: During the 2010 pilgrimage I posted over 130 daily inspirational and educational webisodes. These were filmed from the many organic farms, orchards and grass fed ranches I visited to farmers markets, campgrounds and the road itself. Since completing the ride on Oct 7th, 2010, I have been approached by several independent film groups about creating a documentary around that first ride. I have always felt there needed to be more content…. Please take the time to visit to see everything from the 2010 campaign. I would also encourage you to visit my You Tube Channel. 2010 was clearly the groundwork for something much bigger.


THE GOAL: I have my sights solidly set on taking the Kenny Do It campaign to the people once again this summer and enhancing the Kenny Do It visual experience with over 60 new health “topic” videos. This will be in addition to the roughly 130 forthcoming 2012 “From The Road” videos that will be posted throughout the journey. All of this new footage, in addition to the 2010 footage, will not only end up being the bulk of the forthcoming documentary, it will live on online for anyone to visit 24-7 for inspiration, information and education about healthy lifestyle choices and daring to dream.

THE FACTS: I have budgeted the 2012 endeavor many times over. This is, once again, a bare bones grass roots effort. The costs are a motor home, fuel, a driver, a videographer/webmaster, production, accommodations (campgrounds), and insurance. The gas and motor home rental alone are over a third of the budget.

THE OUTCOME: This really depends on you. Word of mouth was the most powerful tool in putting Kenny Do It on the map. In the end, there will be no Kenny Do It 2012 or documentary if the word isn’t spread and pledges are not made. I am committed to taking on this grueling physical feat that most half my age wouldn’t attempt, in order to get people to pay attention to the MESSAGE. Kenny Do It is already a channel. It should be a documentary. If you believe in the message that fuels this endeavor please pledge and pass it on. Thank you so much. I hope to see you out on the road.

Kenny Do It AGAIN Kickstarter Site
Kenny Do It You Tube Channel

Kenny with Sugarcult: Memory

Kenny with Good Man Down: This is Not a Rodeo

Posted by Chad on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 8:52 AM
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