Max Weinberg is now a Vater Artist

Vater is very pleased to announce that Max Weinberg, the legendary drummer for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, has joined the Vater Artist Family!



In 1974, Max Weinberg was playing in pit bands for theatrical productions when he answered the Village Voice advertisement that requested a drummer capable of playing R&B and jazz for an immediate audition. Weinberg had never seen the E Street Band and was unfamiliar with most of their material.
He was, however, a talented drummer and possessed superior instincts. Legend has it that Max’s performance on “Let the Four Winds Blow” during his audition won him the job. Weinberg could easily play the beat for the song, but it was his ability to take cues from Springsteen — specifically, playing a rim shot when Bruce held up his hand to stop the band and then starting back into the song — that was most impressive.
Max joined the band at the same time as new pianist Roy Bittan, and the new lineup of the E Street Band went on to record some of Bruce’s best selling and most highly regarded albums. Mighty Max’s crisp, powerful drumming is a highlight of hits such as “Born in the U.S.A.,” as well as deeper album tracks such as “Candy’s Room.” 
Following the band’s breakup in 1989, he would find great success as the musical director and band leader for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” Having literally talked his way into the job following a chance meeting with O’Brien on a New York City street, Weinberg put together a top flight set of musicians to form the Max Weinberg Seven.
When the E Street Band reunited and proceeded to tour regularly in the 2000s, NBC allowed a special dispensation, permitting Max to take leaves of absence from the show in order to go on tour. When scheduling difficulties associated with O’Brien’s move to the “Tonight Show” forced Max to miss several E Street Band shows in 2009, Bruce chose Max’s son, Jay, to serve as a temporary replacement.
Max is currently on an arena tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in support of their new release, Wrecking Ball. Released on March 5, 2012, Wrecking Ball debuted at No.1 in 16 countries and was Springsteen's tenth No. 1 album in the United States, tying him with Elvis Presley for third-most No. 1 albums of all-time.
“We’re very excited and honored to welcome Max Weinberg into the Vater Family!” said Chad Brandolini, Vater’s Artist Relations Director.  “When Max and I started talking early in the year, he explained to me the importance of the feel that he was trying to get out of the drumsticks when he played. Kudos to Vater’s production manager, Billy Clark, and the guys in our factory, who quickly turned Max’s thoughts into a design that perfectly met what he had been searching for. We’re thrilled that Max’s stadium filling sounds now start with Vater sticks in his hands.” 



“Such a huge inspiration growing up watching him play. He will forever be one of my favorite drummers!”  -Nate Walker [Lit]
“Such raw, powerful, positive energy while maintaining an unsurpassed level of integrity and class. Sums him up both on and off stage.  He's been such a great influence on my life as a drummer and human being. A true mentor and role model." –Branden Steineckert [Rancid]

 "A drummer who's determination, incredible playing and charisma has led an amazing example of how to stand out from behind the kit and grasp many different opportunities in the world of music and show business" -John Fred Young [Black Stone Cherry]

"Watching him play for the first time was a revelation - he was a guy who had all the chops in the world but instead he favored grooving and serving the song. It changed the way I thought about approaching the drums and that’s the biggest compliment I can give!" -Eric Slick [Dr. Dog/Adrian Belew Trio] 

“He is a pivotal part of his band and a perfect fit for their music. Rock n' Roll’s busiest drummer! Period.” –Kevin Baldes [Bass player for Lit]

“To me, this drummer signifies the best qualities that any musician would look for, driving the band with a rock solid feel regardless of the musical style!” –James Harrison [Boise State University Drum Line]
"His drumming is like a velvet fisted steam engine that can seduce, provoke, and conjure any emotion known to man!!" –Dave Krusen
"This man's drumming is legendary and he will no doubt go down in our musical history books as an icon of rock-n-roll!" –George Sluppick [The Chris Robinson Brotherhood]
" An MVP in a band full of MVP's. A Marathon Man, a Superhero and one hell of a drummer." –Mike Levesque [Seven Mary Three/Independent]

"When I see a drummer go from being a cooperative, solid backbone of one group, to being a fun, outspoken leader of another group in a totally different style, I'm really impressed and humble myself to the guy. This dude does it well." -Sean Winchester [Everclear/Something Bot Metro]

“Whether you regard this legendary player as a drummer’s drummer or a fan favorite, he is always at the top of the list. His career has spanned decades and he has remained not only relevant but groundbreaking, influential and pioneering. His accolades are many and his accomplishments unmatched. This guy defines taking things to the max in everything he does.” –Kenny Livingston [Sugarcult]
 “The King of the Big Beat.” - Modern Drummer Magazine
 "An American drumming icon. Known by name to even non-drummers. I don't know if it get’s any cooler than that!" Jimmy Pemberton [Educator/Kiley Evans/Independent]
“The man, the myth, the monster drummer! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him and watching him play up close before, and that was amazing. So happy that he’s now a part of the Vater family. “ –Morgan Rose [Sevendust]
“First time I saw him I was mesmerized by the razor sharp precision and execution he had on the drums. His form, charisma, and style is so killin! He is a master of his craft that far exceeds drumming!  We are blessed to have him as one of our drumming heroes!” –Mika Fineo
Powerful rock drumming that keeps the beat banging for hours on end…year after year after year!” –Billy Amendola [Modern Drummer Magazine]
“This gentleman has impeccable posture at the kit ...he's funny as hell..And swings like he's in a Big Band too..oh, wait...he is!” –Chad Smith [Red Hot Chili Peppers/Chickenfoot]
“One of the most iconic and successful drummers in American music history” –Tony Escapa [Ricky Martin/Franco De Vita]

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Posted by Chad on Thursday, September 27, 2012 11:17 AM
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